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Arachne the Weaver, Greek Myth

Arachne the Weaver, Greek Myth


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Arachne was a weaver who boasted that her skill was greater than that of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, weaving, and strategy. Offended, Athena presented herself as an old lady and approached the boasting girl and told her to ask for forgiveness. Arachne boasted on that she wasn't afraid and that the goddess should come down and challenge her. Athena took off her disguise and the contest began. Everyone could tell Athena was better and much swifter. Athena's weaving showed contests between mortals and the Gods where the Gods punished mortals for setting themselves as equals of the Gods. Arachne's weaving depicted ways that the Gods had misled and abused mortals. When they finished, Athena saw that Arachne, insulted the gods and became angry and destroys Arachne's weaving. Arachne hangs herself. Athena feels merciful and bids her life and sprinkles her with Hecate's potion, turning her into a spider and cursing her and all her descendants to weave for all time.

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