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Prison Torture, The Tourniquet, 1860

Prison Torture, The Tourniquet, 1860


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Harper's Weekly: The papers are full of accounts of the fiendish cruelties practiced by the Neapolitan jailers upon political prisoners: we now engrave a scene of torture which will make the blood of many a reader run cold. The engraving represents the application of the tourniquet to a prisoner who is suspected of sympathy with Garibaldi. The tourniquet is a cord passed round the head, and tightened by means of a stick inserted in it till the skin cracks and the eyes start from their sockets. In the instance depicted in our engraving the torture is inflicted in the presence of the head of the police, Maniscalco, who stands at the table watching its effects and hoping to extort a confession from the writhing victim, who, previous to the application of the tourniquet, had: been bastinadoed on the soles of the feet. Harper's Weekly, July 7, 1860.

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