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Female genitalia, drawing

Female genitalia, drawing


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FEMALE GENITALIA, DRAWING Female genital organs. The internal genital apparatus comprise the vagina, the uterus, the fallopian tubes and the ovaries. The uterus is composed of three layers of tissues : the perimetrium (peripherique), myometrium ( intermediary layer of the muscles) and the endometrium, laying out the uterine wall. Its inferior part, the cervix, open itself on the vagina, that the vestibule emerges on the external part of the ostium. The ovary (in yellow) is maintained in place by series of ligaments, among which its own ligament links to the body of the uterus (the fundus). The surface of the ovary is mammilated, due to the presence of the underlying the Graafian follicles. The oocyte produced by the ovary is picked up by the infundibulum, bordered of franges, of fallopian tube. This one is pursued by a canal emerging in the uterine wall.

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