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Nerve impulse, drawing

Nerve impulse, drawing


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NERVE IMPULSE, DRAWING The sensorial receptors. Informations reach the sensorial cell (at the top) through the opening of an ion channel (in violet). This chemical message is transformed into an electrical signal, that leads to the exocytosis of neurotransmitters (green triangles) contained in a synaptic vesicle. Those neurotransmitters are released in the synaptic space (between the sensorial cell and the neuron) then they activate the neuron. This creates a nerve impulse that is transmitted, via the neuronal network, to the brain that will translate it. According to the type of sensorial information, a different combinaison of nerve fibers will be activated. The zoom on the left corresponds to a particular type of information, for which the violet fibers are activated. The zoom on the right corresponds to another type of sensorial information and it is the orange fibers that are activated.

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