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Brain, drawing

Brain, drawing


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BRAIN, DRAWING From desire to rupture - 2. Representation of what it happenning in the brain when someone is in love and that it has been concretised. Blue arrow : Following the kiss, the hypothalamus (centre of corporal and hormonal reactions, in blue) activates the secretion of different hormones that immerse the person into a euphoric state. Red arrows : Those substances activate the secretion of dopamine (red area, of which the level is represented on the left of the illustration) that stimulates the nucleus accumbens (centre of addiction, in pink), activates the prefrontal cortex (centre of decision-making, in green), the amygdala (centre of emotions, in violet) and the hippocampus (memory area, in yellow) that registers the experienced moment. Green arrow : The prefrontal cortex is having a hard time playing its role of regulator. This is addiction. See.

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