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Breast cancer treatments

Breast cancer treatments


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Infiltrating and in situ ductal adenocarcinomas, mitotic spindle zoom, treatments. Bust of a woman with a mammary gland and the axillary lymph nodes related to it. A first zoom starts from this gland to show the anatomical structure of the mammary gland with a main galactophore duct receiving the lobules, themselves made of acinus. Two cancerous tumors are located on the main milk duct: invasive or invasive ductal carcinoma (left) and carcinoma in situ. At the bottom, zoom in on the cancer cells whose nucleus is cut to show the mitotic spindle. A strand of DNA whose structure is modified is extracted from a chromosome. Receptors HER2 (yellow) on the nucleus, VEGF (green) on the neovessel and the estrogen receptor (black) on the DNA strand. Bottom left, adipose tissue site of conversion of androgens to estrogen by aromatases.

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