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John Gadbury, English astrologer

John Gadbury, English astrologer


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Colour enhanced portrait of John Gadbury (1627 - 1704), English astrologer, and writer of almanacs and on other related topics. A follower of William Lilly, who caused much controversy in 1652 for allegedly predicting the Great Fire of London some 14 years before it happened, he eventually turned against Lilly and denounced him in 1675 as fraudulent. He became a High Tory and Catholic convert. He was wrongfully imprisoned at the time of the Popish Plot and later on suspicion of plotting against William III of England, and also trouble for omitting Guy Fawkes Day from his almanacs. He spent most of his life trying to prove that astrology was a legitimate field of study worthy of taking its place alongside the scientific disciplines which began to emerge under the Royal Society. His Collection of Nativities, the first of its kind to be published in English, contained detailed analysis of 150 horoscopes of famous or unusual personalities. As the 17th century drew to a close it became clear that the scientific reformers of astrology were fighting a losing battle. He died in 1704 at the age of 76 or 77. This image has been colour enhanced.

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