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Gastric polyps

Gastric polyps


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Polyps are growths either of normal lining of the gastrointestinal tract or abnormal lining. The most common type of gastric polyps (polyps of the stomach) are found in the proximal half of the stomach. They are fundal type polyps because they are found in the fundus of the stomach. They are characteristically cystic. Although they may be single, frequently they are multiple. These polyps are benign and need not be removed, as distinct from pre-malignant (adenomatous polyps) that are commonly seen in the colon. Adenomatous polyps, where ever they are found, should be removed because they are precursors to cancer. All polyps, however particular stomach polyps, may cause chronic gastro-intestinal bleeding. Cystic gland polyps are friable and break off readily from food causing very small amounts of bleeding. If the physician is not certain what type of polyp it is, removal and pathological examination under the microscope will determine the type definitively.

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