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N49 supernova remnant, Chandra image

N49 supernova remnant, Chandra image


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N49 supernova remnant. Combined optical, infrared and X-ray image of the N49 supernova remnant, a cloud of glowing gas formed by the explosive death of a large star. The different data sources are colour-coded: optical (white), infrared (red), and X-ray (blue). In visible light, the supernova remnant appears asymmetrical, but the X-ray image reveals that it is in fact the expected spherical shape. The region at upper right is obscured by a dust cloud into which the supernova remnant is expanding. N49 is in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which is around 160,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Dorado. Image obtained by the Chandra (X-ray), Spitzer (IR) and Hubble (optical) space telescopes. X-ray and IR data obtained in September 2001.

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