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Payload for "Return to Flight" mission

Payload for "Return to Flight" mission


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Payload for "Return to Flight" mission. Cargo bay of the space shuttle Discovery after the payload for mission STS-114 ("Return to Flight") has been secured, on 30 June 2005. The cargo bay doors (at left and right) are about to be closed. Loading took place at Launch Pad 39B, at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. The launch is scheduled for 13 July 2005. This is part of the preparations for mission STS-114, "Return to Flight", the first flight of a space shuttle since the space shuttle Columbia broke up on re-entry in February 2003. The large Raffaello module (silver) has supplies for the International Space Station. A gyroscope is at lower right, and a repair kit for the space shuttle's heat shield tiles is at lower left.

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