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Space Shuttle mission STS-123 launch


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STS-123 Shuttle launch. Wide night shot of pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center, as Space Shuttle Endeavour, on mission STS-123, is launched, on 11th March 2008. Safety systems armed as spark generators are triggered to burn off any oxidiser. The countdown runs for the last ten seconds and the main engines ignite in a close up shot. The shuttle leaps off the pad and up into the black night sky seen in two mid-wide shots. We go wider as the roll programme completes and the shuttle enters the cloud deck. We cut to an onboard shot showing the main fuel tank and the Shuttle's underside. There is a little picture break up as the flight continues through the clouds. The flight director says "Endeavour you're go with throttle up. There's no action on the left RCS messages - we'll have words later." Commander Dominic Gorie replies "[Garbled]....Copy no action on the RCS mess." The onboard camera view continues to be shown as the shuttle is not visible from the ground during this night launch. Coming up on staging at 02:30 into the clip as the Solid Rocket Boosters are jettisoned and fall away, still burning into the night. The commentator states "SRB separation confirmed." STS-123 was a mission to help continue the construction of the International Space Station.

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