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Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-127 launch


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A wide shot of Space Shuttle Endeavour on launch pad 39A as the sound suppressant water system is activated to protect the shuttle and the launch pad from acoustical energy. Close up of the main engines as they start up. A wider lateral shot as the countdown reaches zero and the shuttle lifts off the pad, clouds of exhaust billowing out at each side. Tracking shot as Endeavour conducts its roll programme and goes into a 'heads-down' position. It reaches one mile altitude and 400 mph, quickly accelerating faster. A vapour cloud forms around the top of the main fuel tank as it goes through the point of maximum dynamic pressure. An onboard view as this point is passed showing the Shuttle's belly and the main fuel tank. As Endeavour goes with throttle up it reaches ten miles altitude. Further beautiful tracking shots as the shuttle now clearly in a 'heads-down' position continues to power towards orbit. The commentator tells us that the total thrust at launch was 6 million four hundred and twenty five thousand pounds. One minute and 20 seconds into the flight it reaches seven miles altitude. Burn out and separation of the solid rocket boosters occurs about 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the clip. A brief view from the onboard camera and another telephoto tracking shot of the SRBs falling back to Earth ends the clip.

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