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LHC particle accelerator magnet assembly

LHC particle accelerator magnet assembly


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LHC particle accelerator magnet assembly. Engineer assembling one of the dipole superconducting magnets for the LHC (large hadron collider) at CERN (the European particle physics laboratory) near Geneva, Switzerland. The LHC is a 27- kilometre-long underground ring of superconducting magnets housed in a cooled pipe-like structure known as a cryostat. The magnets guide two counter-rotating proton beams. The beams are accelerated to an energy of 7 tera electron volts (TeV) and then brought to collide head on. Several detectors are being built around the LHC to detect the various subatomic particles produced by the collisions. A pilot run of the LHC is scheduled for summer 2007. Photographed in 1984.

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