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Dumbbell nebula, optical image

Dumbbell nebula, optical image


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Dumbbell nebula (M27), optical image. The Dumbbell Nebula, or Messier 27, (M27) is a planetary nebula discovered in 1764 by Charles Messier. It comprises shells of gas cast off by a Sun-like star towards the end of its life. The ejection of the star's outer layers exposes its hot core, ultraviolet radiation from which ionises the gases in the shells, causing them to glow. Planetary nebulae are short lived in astronomical terms, lasting around 10,000 years. After this, the central star is too cool to ionise the increasingly distant and diffuse gas shells, and the nebula fades from view. The Dumbbell lies around 1250 light years from Earth in the constellation Vulpecula. Image obtained by Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope.

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