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Nerve ganglion, light micrograph

Nerve ganglion, light micrograph


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Nerve ganglion. Light micrograph of a section through a dorsal (sensory) spinal root ganglion associated with a sensory nerve root of the spinal cord. Sensory information from peripheral sites e.g. skin, muscle, organs enters the spinal cord via the axons of dorsal roots. The nerve cell bodies of dorsal root axons are clustered in a ganglion which is noted as a discrete swelling of the nerve root. The large spherical cell bodies have a single nucleus and each body is surrounded by glial/satellite cells. Axons between the cell bodies are myelinated with Schwann cells. Dorsal root ganglia are classed as pseudounipolar nerve cells because they have no dendrites; the afferent and efferent nerve fibres linked to each cell body are axons. Magnification: x65.

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