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Cat Soleus Muscle, TEM

Cat Soleus Muscle, TEM


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Colour enhanced transmission electron micrograph of the transverse section through the capillary of a cat soleus muscle. Note extensive vesciculation of the endothelial cytoplasm except in the region where processes of the endothelial cell are opposed. The underlying muscle fiber also sectioned transversely, illustrates the relation between thick and thin filaments in the region of the muscle sarcomere where the two types of filaments overlap. Each myofibril of the muscle is surrounded by membranes of sarcoplasmic reticulum. Among the fibrils are mitochondria and lipid droplets. Both the capillary and the muscle fiber are covered by an extracellular coat called the basal lamina (also termed glycocalyx). Magnification 7x at 7x9 inches.

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