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Phoenix Galaxy Cluster, Illustration

Phoenix Galaxy Cluster, Illustration


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The hot gas in Phoenix is giving off copious amounts of X-rays and cooling quickly over time, especially near the center of the cluster, causing gas to flow inwards and form huge numbers of stars at the base of the flows. These features are shown in this artist's impression of the central galaxy, with hot gas shown in red, cooler gas shown in blue, the gas flows shown by the ribbon-like features and the newly formed stars in blue, in the outer part of the galaxy. The Phoenix Cluster (SPT-CL J2344-4243) is a massive galaxy cluster located in the constellation Phoenix. It was possibly dormant for billions of years, but has recently become active in star formation. The rate of star formation occurring is the highest ever recorded in the middle of a galaxy cluster, although there are many individual high redshift galaxies which produce this many stars per year, or more. Phoenix Cluster is also producing more X-rays than any other known massive.

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