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Human Embryo, Cranial Nerves

Human Embryo, Cranial Nerves


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Diagram showing the centripetal and centrifugal roots of the cranial nerves of same human embryo as seen in 9N3680. The places of exit of the nerves are marked by dotted lines or circles. The different nerves (III, IV, mV, VI, VII, part of IX, XI, and XII) are seen to arise within the nerve centre from groups of neuroblasts; the afferent fibres (V.s, VIII, v, and c, most of IX and X) pass a certain distance inwards, and for the most part also caudalwards in the nerve centre, and there end. The ganglion rudiments from which they have grown are not shown here. Jones Quain (November, 1796 - January 31, 1865) was an Irish anatomist, professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the University of London, and author of Elements of Anatomy. The first edition was published in 1828 and it quickly became a standard text-book in English-speaking countries. 10th edition, 1896.

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