Cold War Satellite Reveals Images

A taste of the cold war was revealed to the public as images from the KH-7 surveillance satellite was recently declassified and released for the first time. Pictured here is an image of Paris as seen by the KH-7 in 1966. For comparison, a satellite image of Paris taken by the commercial 'Quickbird' satellite in 2002. The similarity is impressive, given that KH-7 was the intelligence community's first high resolution or 'spotting' imaging satellite, it could take pictures at a resolution of an incredible 2 feet on the ground. Present day commercial imaging satellites such as Quickbird and Ikonos offer up to 1 metre resolution black and white images, and 4 metre colour images. KH-7 flew 38 mission from July 1963 to June 1967 and provided vital intelligence surveillance of Chinese and former Soviet Union activities.

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