Spotlight on Peter Scoones

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of one of our most renowned friends and partners, the legendary underwater cameraman Peter Scoones (1938-2014). Peter was a true pioneer of underwater filming, starting his career in the early 1960s. In the absence of commercial models, he designed and built all his own kit, and was constantly improving and adapting his creations. Many of his technological innovations have been widely adopted, but even with a profusion of such devices available, he stood by his own designs, to great effect. His long relationship with the BBC Natural History Unit began in the 1970s, filming the newly-rediscovered coelacanth in the Comoros Islands for the landmark “Life on Earth” series. This fruitful association saw him play a major role in the creation of other classic shows, including “Reefwatch”, “The Trials of Life”, “Life in the Freezer”, “Blue Planet”, and the first in high definition, “Planet Earth”. His deep understanding of marine animals, an artist’s eye for a shot and unflappable nature underwater, saw him produce some of the best footage seen of that incredible world. To celebrate his life and work, we have made a selection of our favourite images and video clips from our collection. Thank you Peter, from all at Science Photo Library.

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