New hope in battle against Malaria

Scientists at the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) at the University of Dundee, working with Medicines for Malaria Venture, have developed a new anti-malarial treatment. Malaria is caused by a parasite transmitted into the bloodstream by mosquito bites. It results in cyclic fevers affecting millions of people and can cause death.

New strains of malaria are becoming resistant to current treatments, the new compound called DDD107498 could treat malaria and protect people from the disease while also preventing its spread in a single dose. Professor Ian Gilbert, at the Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee stated 'The potential for this as a treatment is immense. A drug that could cure malaria and stop the spread of the disease would transform the lives of millions of people around the world'

The compound has been selected by MMV to enter preclinical development, following the recommendation of their Expert Scientific Advisory Committee. Currently the compound is being produced in a large quantity and undergoing further safety testing with a view to it entering human clinical trials within the next year.

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