Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson has been called a genius, a legend and a renaissance man of the twentieth century.

He began as a photojournalist, but it was his pioneering work in medical and scientific photography in the 1960s that brought him universal recognition.

He said of himself: ‘What drives me is a desire to illustrate those essential processes which concerns us all greatly and yet are invisible – to make them visible. Such processes can take place either inside the human body or in the life there is on earth. At the same time I hope to inform people. I want to increase their respect for life.’

In 1965 Life Magazine published a cover feature called ‘Drama of Life before Birth’. Nilsson, true to his word, had captured in exquisite detail the invisible processes of human development from fertilisation to birth. His images revealed the origins of human life in its delicate, fragile and complex beauty and as it had never been seen before. It caused a sensation at the time. His foetus was instantly recognized as an iconic image of the 20th century.

One of the hallmarks of Nilsson’s work is the combination of scientific imaging techniques, such as electron microscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound and macrophotography, with an artistic aesthetic. He is considered one of the pioneers of ‘Science as Art’.

SPL is the exclusive representative of his collection outside of Sweden.
This set is part of the Lennart Nilsson Collection.

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